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Our Very First Blog Post!


Welcome to Our blog!
   As a very small family business the intricate details involved in the world of online sales has been eluding us. We've finally decided that we need to get ourselves out there and let customers who know we are! We have started by launching this new website and are attempting to bring our 20+ year old business up-to-date! 

  Thanks to some studies shown to us by our new web-host (Bigcommerce) we have learned that blogging is actually an important tool in the small business owner's tool-belt...who knew? So, we have decided to give it a shot. As we are extremely new at this we decided that out first blog should just be a welcome to our new site! Unfortunately, there have been some wrinkles with our launch, but we're hopeful that - unlike organic cotton- that once we've ironed out these wrinkles that they will stay ironed and we'll have nothing but smooth sailing ahead! 


1.) One of the most glaring wrinkles since the launch has been problem with payments! Our site is currently only accepting three forms of payment; PayPal, Check & Money Orders. While we're glad that PayPal is so popular, we do want to let our customers know that we do accept all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express....although until we can figure out why they aren't offered on the site they will have to be for telephone orders - (800.639.4123) -OR- Another option is to place your order using either "check" or "money order" as your payment option, and then once we've sent you your initial invoice you can let us know of any alternate payment methods you would prefer to use for that order. 

2.) Where have all the products gone? We had a long-time customer call to tell us that while he loved the color scheme our site seemed to be missing some very important information....namely the PRODUCTS! On the plus side the products are there....they're just playing hide-and-seek. A quick "search" usually pops up the products you are looking for without any additional fuss, but if you'd like to play the game we've found quite a few of them hiding under "Home Organics"!      HAPPY HUNTING :) 

3.) They say a picture is worth a thousand words...well if that's true our new site is missing a few thousand! For some reason when we uploaded our products not all the pictures went with them. And some of the pictures managed to attach themselves to the wrong products! We are quickly trying to fix these, but for those customers who have had this switcheroo happen to one of the products they ordered we sent correct pictures with their invoice and ensured that they had ordered the correct item before we finished processing their order! 

4.) "LONGWINTER" ~ the coupon code to save 15% off our organic washable blankets - seems to have decided not to work. We will apply the coupon on our end for all those loyal customers ordering these lovely, snuggly blankets at full price when the coupon failed. Luckily this is one wrinkle that has already been ironed out, so if you tried to use it and it didn't work then you can successfully try again! But don't wait too much longer as April is just around the corner! 

Plan of Attack

Over the next few days our first priority will be to round up those mischievous products and place them firmly in the categories where they belong, so that our wonderful customers can find them quickly and easily. We will also be untangling the puzzling picture problem and begin showcasing our beautiful products correctly for your viewing pleasure :) We are already waiting to hear back from our payment processor about why the credit cards aren't being accepted, but we're sure that the lovely people at CPN.USA will get it all straightened out for us. That takes care of all our known wrinkles...but, we don't want to be blindsided down the road. We know that our products are important to so many of our customers health and comfort and we want the purchasing of them to be as comforting as the use of them. Because, we know your time is important - and there never seems to be enough of it - we are offering a 10% discount to people who take the time out of their busy lives to help us improve our site. Simply let us know about any additional wrinkles in our site that aren't listed above and we will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase*! 

Thanks for taking the time to read our first blog! Have a wonderful weekend and shop Heart of Vermont Organic Products! 

The Heart of Vermont Family

*this doesn't apply to the innerspring mattresses, box springs or frames as those are made from other American companies that we work with