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We had a customer call in and ask why buying two 3" futons cost soooo much more than buying one 6" futon, and, given how much more it cost to buy two, why anyone would go that route?! The reason why we sell the 3" & 4" futons is because futons need to be flipped and turned to prevent body imprints from forming. While the futons are pretty simple to flip - simply roll it onto itself and pull the bottom out - it can be challenging (HEAVY) for some; especially if the person flipping it has any health issues. The 3 & 4" futons are easier to manipulate, which also makes them great for travel, guest rooms, or any area in which you'd need to move them more frequently. They can also give you more options for flipping and turning, ie: you can have them both head to foot one flip and them switch one of the foot to head the next then the other one the next time giving you more varieties for sleeping surfaces to prevent body indentation divots. (Don't forget to flip them SIDE TO SIDE as well!) 

Anyway....The reason WHY it costs more to buy two thinner futons verses one thicker one is that it takes more materials (we need to make two complete casings, use twice as many ties and wool in the wool/cotton versions of the futons, and two zippers and... twice as much time to produce).  That being said, after discussing this with our customer, we decided that for some people buying the thicker futons just isn't an option, so we would like to offer not just her, but ALL our customers, A DEAL!  Simply put in the coupon code "Two For" and get $250 off a set of 3 or 4 inch thick futons!