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Made in Vermont! Local News Segment

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We made the local news! Check out the video! 

Just be aware that we do offer futon mattresses for much cheaper than $3000. You can find our futons here and "Our Pillow" from the video here


We had a customer call in and ask why buying two 3" futons cost soooo much more than buying one 6" futon, and, given how much more it cost to buy two, why anyone would go that route?! The reason why we sell the 3" & 4" futons is because futons need to be flipped [...]

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​Happy 4th of July!

     We just had a wonderful weekend full of fireworks, family and lots of fun and hope you did, too! We’re back at work now and happily working on our loyal customers’ orders. We finally have our flannel back in stock and are busily sewing all of our backordered items! J We were touched at how many of our [...]

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Our Very First Blog Post!

Welcome to Our blog!   As a very small family business the intricate details involved in the world of online sales has been eluding us. We've finally decided that we need to get ourselves out there and let customers who know we are! We have started by launching this new website and are attempting to [...]

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